Finished Herb Wheel

Well it’s done, the wheel has developed more than I imagined but I am so pleased with it.

I have the 8 compass lines in giving me 8 segments, one for each festival.

Imbolc, the first festival of the year is in the North/North-West segment with the other festivals following round clockwise.


The herbs in each section so far are:

  • Imbolc – basil, chive.
  • Ostara – curry, coriander, oregano.
  • Beltane – sorrel, spearmint.
  • Litha – thyme, chamomile.
  • Lughnasadh – verbena, fennel.
  • Mabon – parsley, sage.
  • Samhain – chocolate mint.
  • Yule – rosemary, sage, eau de cologne mint.

My middle son kindly made me some plant markers by stamping old spoons, some of the plants are quite small and new so needed some identification. I have also planted some lobelia around the edge of the wheel to give it some pretty colour.


However I still felt something was missing. The center was empty and crying out for something special. I thought of planting a bay tree or olive tree there but instead decided to let my creative juices flow and go with and idea I had seen on Pinterest. A sign post!! Well doesn’t every garden need one?

So began a weekend of cutting arrow shapes, sanding them smooth (courtesy of second son again), choosing places from my favourite novels, drawing the names onto the arrows, painting them, varnishing and finally attaching the arrows to a post in the center of the wheel. It is amazing what you can do with some old pallets.

We now have directions to Winterfell, Narnia, Hogwarts, Avonlea, Wonderland, Hundred Acre Wood, Rivendell, Pemberley, Ankh Morpork and Magrathea, I love it. A small bit of whimsy in a restful space.

I am so pleased with how my herb wheel has turned out and fresh herbs just outside the kitchen is pure luxury. I still have a herb wish list but that will have to wait until the spring seed planting I think.

Thank you for stopping by,

Bright Blessings,




Start of the journey.


Let me first say thank you for popping over, it is always fun to have visitors.

As the title says, I am a crafty (or rather crafting) Druid living in the beautiful Welsh Borders. This year is a big new start for me, my husband and 3 sort of grown up kids. My eldest has started university and my other two are pretty independent so hubby and I have some independence for the first time in over two decades. What did we decide to do with that freedom? Buy a house, that needs extensive renovations, on a tight budget.

I have always lived in rented accomodation where magnolia walls, white bathroom tiles, generic kitchens and beige carpets are a standard feature. You can’t do anything, ┬áchange anything, it is so frustrating to live in a monochrome box when you want to splash the rainbow across the ceiling.

So we have moved in, having knocked down a couple of walls and removed some doors ( I dislike doors!) and now I want to make it ours. I want to do as much of the work as possible myself using crafting and diy skills I have developed over the years. I want my first owned home to be a reflection of us rather than a national retail chain. I also want it to work in harmony with my Druid beliefs and lifestyle. I want a haven.

Beltane is just a couple of days away and that seemed a good time to begin this journey of development and personalisation. Our first project, a herb wheel in the garden, but that will be another post!

I hope you will join me on this journey, please feel free to contact me, advice and comments are always welcome.