Another blanket!!

So, sometimes you just can’t resist. We are partway through renovating the kitchen, having got a quote, I picked myself up off the floor when I looked at the installation charges (£93 to erect a cupboard) and then decided to do it ourselves. It is a lot of work and a steep learning curve but the internet and You Tube are great resources. Anyway I told myself “no more crafty projects until the kitchen is done”, yes I can hear you laughing too!

Well browsing round the internet one evening after mastering how to level a cupboard I came across a beautiful CAL (crochet along), it is the Seaside Stash Busting Blanket run by Eleonora from Coastal Crochet – .

I am a bit late to the party but it is so lovely and easy to stitch that I am flying along. I started on the red and blue blanket using aran wool, I had loads left over from a project I was going to start but never quite did. It is a lovely heavy blanket that will be perfect for cold winter days. As I was working on it one of my sons started taking an interest, eventually asking if he could have it when it was finished. Of course he can, I was quite emotional that he liked it that much he wanted it for his room. It means so much more when someone asks for something you have made rather than just politely saying thank you when you gift them something. I am not always sure whether they are just being polite or whether they really like it.

Thing is I also really like the blanket, so what is a girl to do but make another one! So I am now making a second blanket alongside the first one though this one is a much more colourful one as I am using up odds and ends of left over wool. I love this one just as much and I am still loving the pattern. It is one of those easy flowing ones that you can do whilst watching TV, currently watching the re-runs of Game Of Thrones. Well I might have missed something the first 3 times I watched it.

IMG_3074 (002)

So, I will keep you updated on the blanket,

Bright Blessings,



Sophie’s Universe Crochet Blanket

I love wool, thread, textiles and all crafts associated with them. I love the feel and the different textures. I cross-stitch, embroider, sew, knit and crochet.

Well for the last while I have been working on Sophie’s Universe, a great Cal (Crochet Along) by Dedri Uys. I finished it this weekend after a mammoth sewing in the ends session. Yes I know you should sew in as you go but I get so caught up with seeing the pattern develop that I rush ahead, leave the ends and then kick myself later.

I have to say I love the pattern, it was really easy to follow and a delight to crochet. I just picked colours I liked from my stash as I went along but I am very pleased with the result. I did change the border as although I liked the recommended Betty’s Beautiful Border, I didn’t feel that it finished the blanket off as it was so similar to the rest of the blanket. I used a border that I saw on Pinterest, a beautiful lily style flower border. What do you think?


I have done a couple of Dedri’s patterns now, the first one I tackled was her Flower Cushion. I had an old wool blanket with a couple of holes in it due to an over excited puppy that I thought would look lovely re-crafted into a cushion, so I unwound all the blanket and made the cushion.


I love CAL’s, it gives you so much motivation to work alongside so many other crochet lovers. You can see their work, you get pushed into working hard to keep up and there is always help available when you need it. Some time ago I completed the Lily Pond Blanket Cal by Jane Crowfoot. I liked this one because it was stitched in pieces so it was possible to alter the size or shape if you felt you wanted a bigger blanket. The colours are lovely and the Stylecraft wool was nice to work with and easy to source.


There is nothing better than curling up under a lovely warm blanket you have made yourself, drinking a glass of white wine and reading a good book. The good book of the moment in case you were interested is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

I hope you like it, please send me pictures of your Sophie’s as I love to see all of the different colours and styles.

Bright Blessings and thank you for stopping by,