I don’t often rant. I prefer trying to get along with people, trying to see things from their side but recently both personally and in the news there seems to be a deplorable lack of manners.

I am not talking about politicians, reality stars, bored teens on the street and the like. These people never seem to be polite and I don’t expect it but the person standing at the bus stop who you say good morning too, the shop assistant who is packaging your new clothes, even the community policeman walking down the street. These types of people, everyday people like you and I. These people I expect to have some basic manners.

When as a society did it become ok to swear at someone for say good morning, when did it become ok to use swear words that even sailors rarely use, why is it now acceptable to not say please and thank you when someone helps you or holds a door open for you.

This lack of manners may seem trivial but it is an outward sign of lack of respect. So many have no respect for other people, other living things, the world we live in and ultimately themselves.

At the heart of Druidry is respect and it is a quality that I love. To ask not take, to say thank you, to be humble and to appreciate others efforts, to respect others point of view and beliefs.

Yes the person who tried to talk to you at the bus stop intruded on your thoughts but it may be the only conversation that person has today and they are lonely. Yes the person who telephoned you at work interrupted you but they have their job to do too and it is no less important to them than yours is to you. Yes you have been asked that question a thousand times but not by this person and to them the answer may be important.

I am always polite, sometimes after taking a deep breath but it really costs me nothing and makes life far more pleasant. Maybe if I am polite then it will rub off on the people I interact with. Maybe I am just naïve but maybe, just maybe, things could get a little better one please or thank you at a time.

Bright Blessings,



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